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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Attorney Michael Zarrella Announces Recent Superior Court Trial Victory

Attorney Michael Zarrella Announces a NOT GUILTY Verdict Secured on Behalf of a Client Facing Felony Larceny and Domestic Violence Charges
Attorney Michael Zarrella announces a NOT GUILTY verdict secured on behalf of a client facing felony larceny, domestic assault and battery, and domestic disorderly conduct charges.

(1) Felony Larceny (Over $500)
(2) Domestic Assault and Battery
(3) Domestic Disorderly Conduct
POLICE REPORT: The complaining witness called a local police department alleging that the Client had assaulted her. The complaining witness told the police that during an argument in her condo the Client had pushed her over, punched her in the face, and put both his hands around her neck choking her. The complaining witness told the police to break free she was forced to bite the Client's finger and the Client released her. At this time, she told the police that the Client went upstairs and began packing his belongings and allegedly stole her diamond engagement ring that the Client had purchased for her. The Client then fled the residence and was later arrested by the police and charged with felony larceny (over $500), domestic assault and batter, and domestic disorderly conduct. The case proceeded to trial in the Providence Superior Court beginning on June 4th, 2012.